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Fleurs & Cacao - organic loose leaf green tea blend // $15
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Tea time… (by ¡kuba!)
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Premium Black Tea: Golden Monkey Loose Leaf Tea by TeaAttheBrits http://ift.tt/1tdqOuu
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Indian Chai Wallah
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My voodoo adventure today!!!!!
Goal- eat all of them!

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mrstea said: hi I don't know if you remember or not but I messaged you awhile back and you recommended some adagio tea to me and I didn't like it very much and I have a lot of the stuff and was wondering if you had and teavana teas you would maybe wana trade with me?

Hi! I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t like the tea, that’s a bummer. It’s always a trial and error process, and sometimes you end up with tea you’re not so fond of. I hope you only have small amounts left! I unfortunately only have a little bit of Teavana tea left, some Genmaicha green tea. However, if any of my followers can trade, let them make their prescence known!

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Royal Albert “Forget-Me Knot” Rose Love the delicate roses!!! to see more of this pattern:http://www.royalalbertpatterns.com/a%20to%20z%20pages/rapgf.htm
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