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It is like A/C for your picnic.
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Credit: Sam Cannon
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Workin a double, Ima pizza goddess.
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Thai Iced Tea - Follow
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Drinking Shoti Maa’s Emotional Detox tea :) the package said “sweet hibiscus and mint” but it really should have said “sweet hibiscus and mint…and BASIL” haha! I was drinking it like WTF IS THAT TASTE I AM TASTING and it turned out to be basil. It sounds so weird but it was really yummy! Undertones of cinnamon, nettle, black pepper, and cardamom make this a really well rounded, solid brew that tastes wonderful completely by itself.
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Birthday photo!!! We went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House last night and i’m still full 2 days later! The real crazy party bar picks come this weekend ;)
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if you love food follow my blog!
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Ok, I know it is really early, but I am going to open orders for Advent Tea Calenders now. They will be $25 again, this will include shipping…I am doing this early since I will be in Pennsylvania from the Middle of October till the end of December. All my teas and crafty stuff for making the advent calenders is too much of a pain to drag with me to PA so I want to get orders now and I will go ahead and ship them out. I will be taking orders until the end of August, I will then make then and have them out middle of September. So, tell your friends! I will do the paypal invoice like I did last year, so just let me know! 
Not sure what I am talking about? I make origami envelopes for each day of December until Christmas, each envelope has a nice fancy serving of tea…it can be anything from an herbal tea, to flavored tea, to aged oolong…it is a pretty big variety. 
This was last year’s group opening of their various teas and discussions of it https://www.facebook.com/notes/tea-drinkers/2013-tea-advent-calenders/540930912669653

Just a reminder about pre-orders! Also please note these are customizable. Don’t want a Christmas theme, only want herbal teas or flavored tea? I can most certainly accommodate! I will also post WIP reports as I make them, because they are exciting! So send me a note with your paypal email address and if you have any special requests!
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(via My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies, Tea Reviews and Geekery. : Whispering Pines Tea Co: Golden Orchid, A Tea Review)
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My birthday is on Monday, and my last day of work was today. So far, i’ve gotten flowers, chocolate, two different kinds of cupcakes, donuts, and popsicles, just from my parents. …only problem is that it makes me uncomfortable to be flattered/spoiled, so who wants some of this pampering? Oh and here’s the note thst came with th flowers. SO SWEET OMG I AM CRY
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