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Autumn cookie appreciation : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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chai tea + half & half makes for a good set of pictures

(via food-and-tea-and-things)

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Mayfair Gin + Earl Grey iced tea = Royal Tea. Bruh… #britishbornstyle
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A different kind of milk tea for this rainy day
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Out for tea with my boss - Creme de la Earl Grey for me and Coconut Chai for her. Casual.
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White Darjeeling #tea for me & chocolate chai for my friend. #BosieTeaParlor. #nubiayourstory #zteusa #sponsored
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My TINY TEA arrived today!! I’m so excited can’t wait to get started 😍💕 and the box is so cute!! @yourtea @tinyteatox
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Hello and welcome to another round of Typefettinge Does a Giveaway!!

Today on the show, we’ll be raffling off (almost) anything from the Etsy shop Arkham Accessories, run by yours truly (examples shown above, click on pictures to see captions)! Feel free to check out my shop to see all the other cool things you could win!

But anyway, here’s the rules!
In order to enter this giveaway, you must do two things! If you don’t do both you’re not properly entered!

  1. reblog this post once (or as much as you like i suppose)!
  2. send an ask with your url to THIS BLOG!
  3. that’s it!

Each ask with your url counts as one entry (the last time I did a giveaway Tumblr was a dick about notes so that’s why I’m doing it this way)! However! You can only send a max of three asks per day; if you send more (or if you send them to my main blog instead) you’ll be disqualified!

All of the entries will be counted up and one (or if I’m feeling charitable, two) will be chosen at random using a number generator sometime during the evening on November 20th!!

Other info!

  • other questions can go here or here
  • I will ship anywhere
  • yes you can use giveaway sideblogs I don’t really care
  • if you choose something cheaper as your prize you can pick two items!
  • you don’t have to follow me but you can if you want
  • if you just want giveaway updates and stuff you can follow this one too
  • I will send asks to the winner(s) once they’re picked and if they don’t answer within 24 hours, I’ll choose someone else
  • giveaway ends November 20th!!
  • here’s my shop again!

Ok I think that’s all! Have fun!!

(OH ALSO if you don’t think you’re gonna win or you just want to buy something right now, as a perk for finding this post, use coupon code TUMBLRPERK13 in my shop to get 13% off your order!!)

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These awesome Eleventh Doctor mugs can be found at Forbidden Planet, here and here.

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